From the Mundane to the Incredible, The Onion Can Do It All!

Many people simply take the humble and useful onion for granted as a necessary item for cooking, and never stop to wonder how this fabulous plant came to be relied on in so many ways, and what rich historical use the onion has had. For instance, onion skins can be used for paper and dyes, the dried onion is used in onion tea, and the onion in the Middle Ages used to symbolize warding off evil. In Asia, was thought to represent wisdom. The onion is also packed with vitamins and useful applications, and onion tea benefits many different people.

The onion has begun to be used for health purposes more and more as people are turning away from pharmaceuticals and are looking into natural remedies. Onion tea benefits are immense and far reaching, and frequently have few side effects. Even scientists have sat up to take notice of the possibilities that this little bulbed vegetable can offer. Studies indicate that the onion has antifungal, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It can counteract athlete’s foot, and boost the immune system and is showing great promise as a cancer fighting treatment for colon, stomach and liver cancers, and can lower blood pressure.

Aside from the medicinal qualities of onions, one of the unexpected onion tea benefits includes the vitamins in this bulb. They include Vitamin B1 and B6, Folic Acid, Chromium, Calcium, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. If nothing else, here is why the onion can help boost the immune system and ward off colds! In addition, the onion has become a popular detoxifying agent, as it can help remove the absorbed metals, such as mercury, from our body. The amino acids in the onion adhere to these metals and basically remove them from our system in a natural and gentle way.

While the onion is a fabulous way to get healthy, it does have some drawbacks. The pungent odors while slicing or cooking are very irritating to some people. Fortunately, one of the onion tea benefits is that complete lack of preparation. You will never have to deal with odors or slippery onions again just to get the health benefits of this plant. Instead, have a nice cup of tea, and relax as the vitamins and minerals contribute to your health. While this is perfectly healthy for most humans, animals should not be given any onion products, as it can make them very ill.

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