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The onion is an everyday culinary vegetable that often gets overlooked for its medicinal qualities. The onion (botanical name Allium cepa) grows almost anywhere in the world, and is a plant that grows a bulb and stalk, both of which are edible, although the bulb is the part used the most for cooking. There are many varieties of the onion, although they share the same basic properties. The onion can be used both internally and externally and onion tea is an excellent beverage for digestion health. The onion can be used externally for tumors or earache, and this plant is easy to grow.

Even though many people recognize the onion as a crucial part of almost every dish they make, some do not realize that onion skins can be used both as homemade paper and also as a natural dye. The compounds in the onion include phenols and flavonoids. These compounds are found in the raw onion as well as onion tea, and they have varying actions on the body. Studies have indicated that onion can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis in women by reducing the build-up of osteoclasts. The phenols and flavonoids in the onion act as anti-oxidants and anti-cancer agents.

Basically, according to research, the more pungent the onion or onion tea, the more phenols and flavonoids the onion will have. Studies indicated that pungent yellow onions and shallots helped to inhibit growth in cancerous cells of the liver and the colon. An added benefit of the onion is in the external application to scar tissue. The properties of the onion actually can help reduce the swelling and redness associated with scars, and the onion can also treat infected skin wounds, such as boils, pustules, acne, and blisters. The sulfides in onions which give the odor also act as an antibacterial agent.

The onion and onion teas have been an old-fashioned remedy for asthma and chest colds. Traditionally, a recipe using onion called for the onion to be sliced and cooked in milk and heavy pepper, and then eaten. The tea can be used to soothe colon spasms, and works to lower blood pressure in a gentle way. This vegetable is absolutely stuffed with vitamins, and is a great way to keep your body healthy. While most people have no problems with onions, it can cause indigestion in rare cases, so make sure you have no allergies before you ingest any kind of onion product.

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